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Select Safety Compliance Program

The Select Safety Compliance Program is a cost-effective approach to meeting all DOT safety regulatory requirements. From Driver & Vehicle files to Drug/Alcohol Programs, our staff will help create and maintain a system for your company that is user friendly and more importantly, compliant with all state and federal rules and regulations.

You will have the advantages of a totally inclusive program, allowing you to concentrate on overall operations and allowing safety personnel to be more interactive and safety performance oriented.

Our staff will conduct safety meetings with your employees. We provide updates and clarification on DOT rule changes and strive to make your responsibilities easy to manage. Not only does the program handle your paperwork and compliance review, we will also represent your company in the event of an audit.



The program is set up in several segments beginning with an on-site regulatory and safety assessment.

Under the select safety program, Professional Safety Support monitors current drivers and reviews the random list your company receives on a quarterly or monthly basis for selection of drivers to be drug and alcohol tested.

We will assist you in setting up your Select Safety Program with the services that best meet your needs or assist your present safety managers in compliance issues. We will be the “extra eyes and hands” to set your mind at ease in knowing that you will pass a compliance review. It is comforting to know your program is in top shape!

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