DOT Compliance and Support
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DOT Compliance and Support

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We’ll Take You Down The Road To DOT Compliance

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The road to compliance is made simple and affordable with experienced direction from Professional Safely Support, Inc. Our staff of safety consultants, with a combination of law enforcement and transportation backgrounds, offers you.

From training, to setting up a safety program from the ground up, to representation at a compliance review (state or federal), you can depend on our team to help you.

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Our goal is to make you aware that “there is help out there” for companies having problems with DOT COMPLIANCE. Professional Safety Support, Inc. specializes in directing companies to become 100% compliant with DOT regulations including driver logs, driver and vehicle files, drug and alcohol testing programs, supervisory training, etc.

Professional Safety Support, Inc. was created to assist Companies with their Safety programs who could not afford a full-time safety department. We do work well with established programs and we help them complete and maintain all the required documents required by the Federal and State DOT. Our focus is to assist owners and managers with answers to their questions and “roadmaps” toward total compliance.

Our staff consists of former highway patrol/DOT officers and trucking executives who have been in the industry for many years. We offer friendly, efficient service with “saving our clients revenue in mind”. We strive to reduce your insurance rates (if possible), reduce collisions, and maintain SATISFACTORY safety ratings.

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We try to prepare your company in advance of a potential compliance review, but we are prepared to assist you even after a review where deficiencies were discovered. We will help you recover as quickly as possible and will help you maintain a high level of compliance in all areas of safety. So if you just had a recent audit and you don’t quite understand what transpired or you just don’t have time to deal with “getting it corrected”, give us a call ASAP.

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