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Consultants will monitor the number of random tests given to ensure proper percentages are being met. We will assist the client in monitoring your drug and alcohol management company to ensure your compliance with DOT regulations. We will also set up a compliant drug and alcohol testing program providing you with all master copies needed to administrate the program, which includes the following:

  • Assisting you in the testing process
  • Monitoring your yearly program and providing training for supervisors – 60 minutes of alcohol and 60 minutes of drug use recognition training required of all individuals in direct supervision of CDL drivers.
  • A written Employee Assistance Program that is incorporated in a “Driver Information Package” that is required to be given to all CDL drivers.
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This service is designed to assist companies in knowing how they would score should DOT conduct a compliance review audit of their operations. This allows the carrier to take corrective action, thus allowing them to pass an audit should DOT conduct a review at some later date.

Once the audit is complete, PSSI provides you with a report indicating discrepancies and assists in outlining a corrective action plan. Professional Safety Support can also provide a corrective action plan that, along with the company’s assistance, will bring the client into compliance.

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Provides assistance in DOT recordable accidents and monitors accident recording procedures.

Our accident program is designed to assist the client in proper recording, investigation and overall assessment of their safety program.

Our clients are provided with procedures and forms for proper record keeping from the moment the company is advised of an accident, to the investigation, and later the overall assessment to determine countermeasures the company may take to prevent accidents from occurring in the future.

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PSSI provides comprehensive background screening services to help organizations mitigate risks and make informed decisions in areas, such as employment. Engaging in employee screening can show that the employer has exercised due diligence in the hiring process, which in return will help prevent possible lawsuits.

  • Verification of Employment
  • Motor Vehicle Records / Abstracts
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Checks

Employee screening can lead to a more secure, efficient and productive workplace.

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DOT requires that all vehicles maintained or in the control of a motor carrier must be serviced and a copy of these service records retained for determined periods of time. These records are required to include certain information and schedules of repairs and maintenance programs. Our program supplies the company with files that meet the regulatory guidelines and we assist in the maintenance of required records.

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We can audit your driver logs and provide a written management report. You choose how often you want to have your logs audited.

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We pride ourselves on making you look responsible at a compliance review. We will help you prepare before an audit takes place. We will also never leave you alone during the compliance review, if requested during any local, state or federal compliance review.

We encourage continuing education to heighten knowledge in all safety/compliance areas.

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The on-site regulatory and safety assessment is similar to a DOT audit in that we cover all areas subject to regulatory review. We provide a program to assist your company in compliance and maintenance of a satisfactory rating.

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Our staff are friendly, courteous, accurate and DOT certified collectors. We deliver test results within 24/48 hours.

Drug testing types:

  • Alcohol
  • 5-panel substance testing
  • 10-panel substance testing
  • Random
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  • Follow ups
  • Post accidents
  • Return to duty
  • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause
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  • Instant pre-employment
  • Instant substance abuse testing “personal”
  • Instant substance abuse testing for minor teens “with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
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